Project Overview

The team at TipBx wants to build an iOS & Android App for their location based payment service. The project includes features to support user-to-user transactions via GPS-based recognition and custom features to set the dollar amount to be tipped. The requirement also include to create a distinct way to gamify the payment amount selection rather than using the conventional keyboard method. The design also helps users to securely, and easily facilitate transactions and withdrawals of the tipping amount.

As a UI/UX designer for the project, I have used the best possible way to integrate the branding and to gamification experience for the user in their task of tipping.


Initial step was to start working on the paper sketches to structure the layout and map the features. It was fast and focused on concept rather than detail.

After receiving a thumbs-up on the initial low-fidelity prototypes, I transitioned to higher fidelity. I thought of using the layout structure to keep as the foundation on which the design and business concepts would evolve.

I worked closely with the product managers to gather the information of context and content so that we could design the interface according to the content rather than inserting the content into the design as an afterthought.

Visual Design

Here’s a glimpse into the look and feel, this was arguably the most important and complex part of the app, to make it visually, aesthetically engaging, so we put a lot of thoughts into getting it right.