Project Overview

FS Team approached for building iOS, Android & Website for their latest learning app named ‘FS Enisna’, which is totaly a whitelabeling based project. We started up with Android app as the large group of users in Brazil uses Android phones. It was a great pleasure working on this project as a UI/UX designer. Immense care was taken in building the app so that the same app can be tuned for different mobile carrier brands.

ENSINA by FS helps you become a specialist in what you like. With the application, you take courses in your own way and at your own pace. With short videos, courses can be downloaded and are perfect to be accessed anywhere and anytime. At the end, upon completion of the course, you receive a custom certificate.

Visual Design

Here’s a glimpse into the look and feel, this was arguably the most important and complex part of the app, to make it visually, aesthetically engaging, so we put a lot of thoughts into getting it right.